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SC (新加坡)

在学习巴哈花疗系统课程的过程中我获益匪浅, 除了学习使用各个花精给自己和需要的人和动物,我也更了解自己和别人。换位思考,有情绪或觉得难相处的人,无非只是需要帮助,这是我最大的收获。



Rosalind (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Recovery Coach and Trainer)

 Many years ago I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and severe depression by an IMH doctor. My life was in complete darkness and chaos at that time, nothing seemed to work in my life. I was unable to cope with my regular emotional outburst, mood swings and relationship issues with families and friends. I have a few suicide attempts too to jump off a few high-rise buildings near to the place I live.


I was on anti-psychotics and anti-depressant for several years during that time. My support system was very weak and i do not know how to seek help or do things to help me regulate better. My psychiatrist did not teach me how to cope with my symptoms too. The only way to go was medication and hospitalisation if the condition got worst.


I have suffered through a very long painful phrase in my journey not knowing what to do, just following someone's instructions (westerns medical model) that was not accurate for my recovery. It was a long painful process as my body was hurting badly. The medical model did not help to resolve my symptoms and emotional issues. Instead it created more unhelpful side effects such as involuntarily hand shaking, increased appetite that increased weight gain by 15 kg within a period of 3-4 weeks, other side effects such as skin allergies, brain numbness, and also loss of memory added more irritations to the prevailing condition I am facing. The meds also disrupted my sleeping patterns and caused more harm to the other parts of the brain, organs and body.


After having a better understanding about the harmful effects caused by the consumption of anti-psychotics and anti-depressant, I am determined to find alternatives that are safe to replace toxic medicines. I had found a few that are sustainable and helpful. Now, I am off meds for more than 8 years. I am in a better position in my life to share with others the alternatives I adapted to get to what I am now .


Those alternatives that I have tried after I got off meds have positive impact to help me address the real human conditions.  I am more connected to myself and others now. I am not running away from problems and my physical body anymore. I feel more centred, peaceful and joyful as compare to the time I am on psych meds...


I am thankful to Bach flowers remedy and some of the body works I am practicing. Bach flowers has helped me to relax and address most of my emotional discomforts, moods swings and the road blocks I faced in life. This remedy system has 38 types of flowers. It is a very safe remedy from nature. It is inexpensive as compared to psych meds. It produces much better results in helping me to regulate my emotions so that i can function and cope better with my daily challenges. It’s definitely a wiser and safer prescription and treatment plan as compared to psych meds.  Beside addressing my emotional aspects. This remedy system also addresses other deep-rooted areas in my body that were causing the breakdown.


I believe strongly that nature has a better and gentler way to heal and protect us from harm, and to keep the human species alive and be reproductive. Bach flower remedy have also motivated me to do the impossible which I have lots of fears to face them in the past. I believe I have also overcome lots of my maladaptive thinking pattern and behaviour too.

Thanks to this amazing discovery by Dr Bach.


I also find the Bach Flower Remedy system course to be helpful and engaging. The trainer, Wai Fong, is presence and well prepared for the classes. The facilities and class material was great for this training. Wai Fong uses lots of interesting class activities and visuals to engage us in our learning. What I enjoyed most was prescribing Bach flowers remedy for myself. I also took away much knowledge from the case discussions we had in the 2-day course. Overall, the training was good. We should have more classes like this in Singapore moving forward.