Zentangle® Classes at Centre of Joy

No prior art background needed. All are welcome to attend any of the classes listed below (except for the Black Tile and Renaissance Tile classes).
Anyone who can hold a pen and sit through the session can join a Zentangle class. Age is never an issue with creativity.
If you think you can't draw, Zentangle® is for you, be amazed by your own potential and creativity!!
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A Tangle A Day
Keeps the Troubles Away

Frequently Asked Questions

Which class(es) should I choose to attend? 

I have not attended any Zentangle courses before

If you would like to learn the Zentangle method in a systematic manner and master the different techniques for drawing on different tiles, then you may want to start with the Zentangle Beginner's course. You can then decide whether to continue with the other technique courses under Tangling Essentials, or you may select other courses to attend. All Zentangle courses will allow you to experience the mindfulness and clam during the session, including the technique courses.

I have attended Zentangle courses before

If you have previous tangling experiences, then you may select any course to attend. You may choose to attend any session within a series, or sign up for the full series to gain better experience and to save on course fees.
What are the different categories of courses? 

Tangling Essentials

The Tangling Essentials courses take you through the full training of the Zentangle method, including techniques to work on white, black and tan surfaces, introducing you to the use of the different materials recommended by Zentangle HQ, and the techniques developed by the founders and the teaching team. 

Mindfulness Tangling

If you are looking for me-time or activities that can help you destress, or to take a breather from your daily work routine, then you may want to consider taking courses under the Mindfulness Tangling category. Courses here are designed to help you wind down, be mindful of the moment, and to connect better with your inner-self. There are also thematic courses that draw on the unique benefits of the Zentangle method to help us un-tangle specific areas of our lives

Zentangle Inspired

Art and Craft

You will bring back amazing artwork that you create when you attend any of the Zentangle courses. If you would like to go a step further to create craft pieces, then the courses under the Zentangle Inspired Art and Craft  category are designed specifically for you. In these courses, you will get to apply tangling techniques to produce meaningful hand-crafted items, or integrate the Zentangle method with other art forms to create amazing artwork.
Regarding language of instruction

What is the main language of instruction

While English is the main language of instruction (except for those classes listed in Chinese), all Certified Zentangle Teachers at the Centre of Joy are effectively bilingual. Depending the the needs of participants, the classes can be conducted bilingual in English and Mandarin.
In a typical Zentangle class, most time will be spent on drawing, course contents are relatively simple. Our past experiences are that keeping flexibility in the language of instruction serves participants well. 
Do let us know if you have specific requirement(s) when you register for the courses.
If there is enough demand for a separate class for specific request, we will make our best effort to make it happen. 
Are the materials provided?

What are the essential materials for a basic Zentangle class?

Below are the recommended materials by the Zentangle HQ for a Zentangle class:
Sakura Micron Pen 01 Black 
2B pencil
Tortillion (a rolled up paper for shading/blending)
100% cotton art paper 
For Zentangle Essential courses  offered at the Centre of Joy, we use the recommended materials so that participants can have a more complete and wholesome experience, as developed by the founders. After the course, you may use any paper or pen to tangle. 
During class, you will be advised on how to go about daily tangling and build up a routine for quality tangling-me-time.

Will materials be provided for the courses?

For Zentangle Beginner's course (both English and Mandarin courses), a basic material  kit will be provided.
For all other courses, as participants may already have the basic kit, we ask participants to bring your own 
  1. Sakura Micron Pen 01 Black
  2. 2B pencil
  3. Tortillion
All other materials required for the courses will be provided. Participants may also purchase the above three basic  items in class (costs range from $0.60 - $2.20). 
How can I arrange for private classes? 

Personal or Corporate Private session

If you or your company would like to organize private classes or events, do contact us direct with your requirement and we will design a program for you. 

What is the cost for private session

For beginners private session, the fee for 1-hour session is $65 for 1-2 pax, inclusive of all materials.
For more than 2 pax or for customized sessions, please contact us for more details.
For corporate events, please contact us for more details.