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No art background needed 无需任何美术背景
Just repeating basic strokes 简单线条重复画
Everyone can draw 任何人都能作画


Zentangle® is a self-help art therapy practice to facilitate and enhance relaxation, focus and self-discovery.


Using just four basic strokes of dot, line, curve and ring, you can create unlimited designs and patterns. There is no need for erasers or sketching or pre-planning, let the lines and shapes organically evolve, guided by your inner self, and reflecting your true spirit.


Just like everyone is an artist of his or her own life, every Zentangle art piece is unique, breath-taking and awesome. There is no art backgorund needed, if you can hold a pen, you can do Zentangle.

Benefits of Zentangle:

--it’s a mindfulness meditative art, it soothes your nerves

--it’s simple, it teaches you to appreciate repetitiveness--there’s no mistakes in Zentangle, anything and everything is possible and accepted

--it reinforces aimlessness, nothing is everything

--every creation is unique, learn to appreciate everything that happens






给自己一个机会,重新认识自己的潜能与智慧 缠绕画简单易学,学会后带回家教家人或朋友。



At Centre of Joy, we offer Zentangle courses ranging from the traditional technique training classes to integrating the Zentangle method to different therapeutic art forms, like nortan and escher. Our aims are to bring out the Zentangle philosophy in our workshops and classes, so that participants are able to discover their inner wisdom and use it in their daily lives, to feel joyful, empowered and balanced.  

We welcome you to join us in the safe and supportive space at Centre of Joy to begin an intimate conversation with your inner self through the process of tangling.



Please note that all schedules below are subject to change 课程时间有可能更改

Zentangle Courses For Everyone 所有人都能上的课程

Zentangle® Introductory Course ​禅绕画入门课程

Choose a date from below 请在下列选择上课日期 | $30

All courses taught by a Certified Zentangle Teacher 所有课程都由一位受认证的禅绕画导师带领

Courses in English:                             

Jul 2 (Tue) | 1930 - 2100 (Wai Fong)                  

Aug 4 (Sun) | 1600 - 1730 (Wai Fong)                     

Oct 6 (Sun) | 1030 - 1200 (Lindsay Lim)                       

Nov 25 (Mon) | 1930 - 2100 (Samantha Lee)                  


7月09日(周二)| 1930 -  2100 (惠芳)

8月14日(周三)| 1030 - 1200(华莉)

9月20日(周五)| 1930 - 2100(慧珍)

All are welcome, no background needed. After the completion of this course, you will be eligible to sign up for Intermediate courses. 

This course aims to introduce the Zentangle method to participants. With simple tangling, you will be able to apply this technique in your daily life to de-stress and stay connected with your inner-self. 

欢迎初学者参加,无需任何经验。完成 “禅绕画简介课程” 学员可报名参加进阶课程。


Zentangle Method recommended materials will provided for used in Class. 我们将提供课程所需材料,供学员在课堂上使用。

Course contents include 课程内容包括:

~ Brief background of the Zentangle Method 简介禅绕画背景与理念

~ Basic tangling techniques 基础禅绕画技巧

~ Hands on experience and learn at least 4 tangles 实际练习绘制至少四个图样

Zentangle® Beginner's Course ​禅绕画初阶课程

Choose from one of these dates 可选择以下任何一个日期上课 | $75 or 3 course units

Courses conducted in English                             

Jul 16 & 23 (Tue) | 1930 - 2100 | Wai Fong         

Aug 9 (Fri) | 1000 - 1300 | Samantha Lee            

Sep 15 (Sun) | 1400 - 1700 | Lindsay Lim           

Nov 16 (Sat) | 1300 - 1600 | Wai Fong


07月30日和 8月6日(周二)| 1930 - 2100 | 惠芳

10月13日(星期天)| 1000 - 1300 | 慧深

11月10日(星期天)| 1030 - 1330 | 华莉

All are welcome, no background needed.Participants who have taken the Zentangle Introductory Course get 20% off when registering for this course. 

​Zentangle Method recommended materials will be used in Class 



Course contents include 课程内容包括:

~ Basic Zentangle Method 基础禅绕画技巧

~ String concept 压线概念

~ Basic deconstruction 基础解构

~ Meditative art experience 静心禅绕


7月12日开课(周五)| 1100 - 1300 | 8 堂课共 $258 或 11个课单元 | 惠芳

7月 12, 19, 26日
8月 2, 16, 23, 30日

9月 6 日


~ 介绍七个人体能量中心——轮脉
~ 介绍对应轮脉状态的禅绕图样
~ 借由禅绕画更深地看见自己

这是今年唯一的七轮禅绕课程,别错过哦!只收 10 人。​

Therapeutic Zentangle® + Sound Bath

Aug 17 (Sat) | 1000 - 1230 | $70 or 3 course units | Lindsay Lim

Immerse yourself in the deeply relaxing sound bath using the healing sound vibrations of the singing bowls to relax and recharge. Helping yourself connect back to the present moment and followed by learning the meditative art of Zentangle®.  


The Zentangle method is an easy-to learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful art works by drawing repetitive patterns. It promotes mindfulness and increases focus, concentration and creativity. Zentangle is unplanned and its results often surprise everyone. If you can draw circles, lines and curves, you are good to go! 


All are welcome, no artistic background or skill is required.

Embedded Letters

Aug 29 (Thu) | 1930 - 2130 | $50 or 2 course units | Samantha Lee

Want to learn how to create beautiful and elegant designs around letters using the Zentangle® method?  Embedded letters is a new concept combining lettering and tangles in a very unique way.  It’s so fun to do, and with a few simple steps, you end up with an elegant result. 

In this 2 hours, you will learn to design using embellishment to enable you to illustrate a hand-drawn decorative alphabet.

Make & Tangle: Notebook

Sep 8 (Sun) | 1100 - 1300 | $50 or 2 course units | Lindsay Lim

This workshop is open to all who are interested in learning the Zentangle® Method.

Learn how to hand make a 20-page notebook using basic stitching techniques and create your special notebook by tangling on the cover.

All are welcome, no artistic background or skill is required.

静心禅绕 +音浴

10月22日(周二)| 1930 - 2200 | $70 或 3个课单元 | 华莉

沉浸在颂钵音疗浴里,清理长期累积的各种压力与疲劳, 放松心情,好好地与自己在一起,接受当下的自己。再通过禅绕画,进行一场“脑部瑜伽”,激发自己的天赋与创意,学会更欣赏自己的美与好。



禅绕画(Zentangle®)是一种绘画艺术,它简单易学。没有对错与美丑之分,只是透过慢慢的一笔一划地专注在当下,达到静心放松的效果。任何人只要愿意尝试,不需要有任何绘画/艺术经验,都能藉由简单和结构性的图样,重复画而创作出美丽的艺术作品。每一个人都是独一无二的, 每一幅创作都是限量版。

Tangling Ceramic Water Absorbent Coaster 禅绕延申画~ 陶瓷吸水杯垫

Dec 13 (Fri) | 1930 - 2130 | $55 or 2 course units| Lindsay Lim

Tangle a unique gift for yourself and your loved ones!

In this workshop, we will be using the Zentangle Method to decorate the ceramic water absorbent coaster.

All materials will be provided. 


运用禅绕图样,学习在陶瓷吸水杯垫上进行绘画,即可欣赏又可以使用, 送礼自用都适合。


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Zentangle Intermediate Courses 禅绕画进阶课程

Participants must have completed at least 1.5 hours of basic Zentangle method training from a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

​Participants are to bring along their basic Zentangle kit for the classes below: Micron 01 black, 2B pencil and tortillion. Other materials please see individual class requirements.

All courses listed below are conducted by bilingual (English and Mandarin) instructors.  

报名参加以下课程的学员必须已经完成由禅绕画认证导师带领的至少 1.5 小时的禅绕画入门课程。

学员请携带基本禅绕画工具:Micron 01 黑色代针笔、2B 铅笔和推影笔。


Zendala Mandala

Aug 6 & 13 (Tue) | 1930 - 2100 | 2 sessions for $80 or 4 course units | Wai Fong

Create mandala using the Zentangle method. We will explore several ways of creating mandala without using extra tools. You will get to create your own mandala string, as well as learn advance tangling techniques. 

Tangling Pouch

Aug 18 (Sun) | 1430 - 1700 | $65 or 3 course units | Wai Fong

Course contents:

~ learning to prime fabric for tangling 

~ learn more complex tangles 

~ hands-on drawing on a pouch that you can bring home

Zentangle Notan Art

Sep 1 (Sun) | 1330 - 1600 | $65 or 3 course units | Lindsay Lim

Incorporate Zentangle® patterns in Notan art and bring a different perspective to your art work.  

Notan is a Japanese concept involving the play of balanced light(white) and dark(black) areas in a composition. This technique portrays the idea that the elements of light and dark are equally important and need each other to exist. The yin and yang symbol is an example of this concept.

Come join us to discover the magic of Zentangle® and Notan!

Note: Participants to bring basic Zentangle® Kit (01 Black Micron Pen, pencil, tortillon), scissors and glue stick

Grow Your Zendala Garden (Coasters)

Sep 3 (Tue) | 1930 - 2130 | $55 or 2 course units | Wai Fong

Learn to draw and deconstruct flowers and plants in nature, and create your own beautiful secret garden in a coaster.

Zentangle Feathers 

Sep 5 (Thu) | 1930 - 2130 | $55 or 2 course units | Samantha Lee

Have you heard?

Each feather is a blessing from an angel.  It appears when angles are near, delivering a message especially for you.  When feathers gather around, they are no longer soft and weak, they instantly become wings that fly….


Come & join our Zentangle feathers class to create your own unique feathers!

Tangling Tote Bag

Sep 8 (Sun) | 1400 - 1630 | $65 or 3 course units | Wai Fong

Want to create your own tote bag with your favourite quote or wordings on it? In this workshop, we will be using the Zentangle method to decorate the tote bag. Learn to prime the tote bag and techniques to draw on fabric.

All materials will be provided. 


Sep 10 (Tue) | 1930 - 2130 | $55 or 2 course units | Wai Fong

The Zentangle renaissance tile requires tender loving care to work with. The warm tan colour of the tile also has great versatility for use with both black micron and white gelly roll pens. It is best that participants have taken both the Beginners as well as the Intermediate course before attending this course for a more thorough experience, although those who have taken only the Beginners’ course would be able to follow too.

What will be provided: Zentangle recommended renaissance tiles, Micron 01 brown, Sakura White Gelly Roll pen, white charcoal pencil, tortillion
What you need to bring: Micron 01 black, 2B pencil, tortillion, one red ball-point pen, step-out book; you may also bring other coloured pens or colour pencils


9月28日 (Sun) | 1400 - 1600 | $55 或 3个课单元 | 慧深




羽毛 ~ 輕盈 ~ 隨風 ~ 飛翔 ~ 翅膀 ~ 自由

Fun with Cartouches

Nov 16 (Sat) | 1000 - 1230 | | $65 or 3 course units | Lindsay Lim

Traditionally, cartouche is an ornate frame around a design or inscription. The intention is to use a treasured item such as photo and draw a frame around the item.


In this workshop, together we will explore ideas on how to “frame” your treasures using simple tangles and use them in unexpected ways to create borders around these items. Be amazed how you could play with auras, tangle enhancers and shading techniques to bring special focus to these meaningful items.


Note: Participants to bring basic Zentangle® Kit (01 Black Micron Pen, pencil, tortillon), one photo that is important or special to you

ZIA - Gemstone & Colour

Oct 8 (Tue) | 1930 - 2130 | $55 or 2 course units | Wai Fong

Course contents:

~ Gemstone drawing technique 

~ Use of colours in Zentangle 

~ Try out different colouring techniques 

Escher Inspired Tangling

Oct 26 (Sat) | 1230 - 1530 | $75 or 3 course units | Lindsay Lim

M.C Escher is one of the world’s most famous graphic artist. He had created many incredible art creations that seem to twist and change direction, shapes that seem to be entangled, and animals that change into other animals. In this workshop, you will create your own Escher inspired art and incorporate Zentangle Art into it to make it your own unique piece of art creation, what seem to look complex will turn out to be simple. 


Note: Participants to bring basic Zentangle® Kit (01 Black Micron Pen, pencil, tortillon), scissors and colour pencils(optional)

A Tangling Journey though the Labyrinth

Oct 20 (Sat) | 1400 - 1700 | 65 or 3 course units | Lindsay Lim

The difference between a maze and a labyrinth as described in the book The Maze, “You enter a maze to lose yourself, whereas, you enter a labyrinth to find yourself.” A labyrinth is a path of meaning to be experienced and just trust that the path will lead you to where you need to be.


We will create a labyrinth string and tangle our way along the path with tangles in a “Reticula”. It can be a path of meaning, a metaphor for life through twists and turns, stopping to reflect and a journey to the centre of your deepest self and back out into the world with better understanding of who you are.


Note: Participants to bring basic Zentangle® Kit (01 Black Micron Pen, pencil, tortillon), eraser and ruler

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