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Centre of Joy



喜乐瑜伽 Yoga of Joy




  • 对身的关照:作用于身体表层的各个部位、器官,也作用于深层次的腺体、细胞、微血管,以及交感神经、副交感神经等,是对人体自外到里、由浅入深的能量调理。


  • 对心理情绪的关照:修复深层次情感创伤,转化负面能量以及偏知偏见。


  • 对心灵成长的关照:了解宇宙意识、人间正能量,并智慧的与之连接相应组合,从而提升心灵品质,了知真理,离苦得乐。


Yoga of Joy is a dynamic, “ancient-future” system of Tibetan Vajrayana and primordial yoga from the lineage of Yuan Miao. It draws from the sounds and lights of nature, and the energies of mountains, oasis, stars and seas, to fill our hearts and body with joyful awakening and enlightened peace. The dynamic and lively Yoga of Joy cultivates a mind that embraces simplicity, a heart that holds emptiness, and a clever body that exudes wisdom. 

Yoga of Joy integrates the physical with the spiritual, the circulation of blood and subtle energy, and the principles of balance between Yin and Yang. It deeply purifies energetic channels of both gross and subtle bodies (physical, mental, emotional) through a concise and effective combination of postures, breath-work, visualizations, mantra and body and finger mudra. It is a potent way to directly elevate our consciousness. Practicing Yoga of Joy rejuvenates every part of the body, including the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, endocrine secretions, major organs, circulation through blood and energy vessels, and penetrates the glandular and cellular level. 

Yoga of Joy encourages us to be ourselves and be at ease while it enriches our awareness of the body, speech and mind, as well as heaven, self and Earth. The mastery of Yoga of Joy does not lie in the flexibility of the body, but the flexibility of the mind. Anyone, from young to old, can practice the Yoga of Joy. 

We look forward to walk with you on this path of joyous and mindful living









第三部: 童年时光













对身体每一个器官都有调理作用,可以平衡阴阳,预防血管硬化等。增加对脊柱区的血流供应,滋养脊柱神 经。锻炼腰背部肌肉和韧带,消除腰胯部的疼痛。有益于改善消化系统和呼吸系统的毛病,对前列腺和肾功能有帮助,可使腹肌强壮,头脑清新。在精神层面,有助于养成谦虚和宽容的心态,以及清理我执带来的负面能量。





The 8 steps of Yoga of Joy


Step 1: Between Heaven and Earth
Functions: enable us to connect to the energies of the earth and the universe; release emotional pain, and the pain of love; reduce stress from work through conditioning the back, arms and chest 

Step 2: Snow Lotus in the Mountains
Functions: enhance concentration and focus; good for reducing burdens on the liver, kidney and pancreas, as well as promote wellness of the eyes

Step 3: Childhood Days
Improve blood circulation and metabolic rate, help protect the functions and flexibilities of the spine. It also restores a youthful appearance.

Step 4: Always Smiling
Purify and expand energy; enhance the feelings of comfort, joy and happiness; expand chest capacity, especially helpful for breathing and asthmatic issues.

Step 5: Sword of Wisdom
This step prevents and reduces osteoporosis, tones up muscles in the legs, chest and arms, strengthen the hips, improves stability and balance body posture; regulates respiratory functions and balance the yin-yang bodily functions.

Step 6: Pyramid Constellation
This step resembles movement in stillness, enabling energies to flow, as well as to converge, in the deepest level. It conditions and improves endocrine imbalances, insomnia and memory.

Step 7: Oasis in the Desert
Good for conditioning all organs in the body, balance yin-yang, and prevent the hardening of the arteries; increase blood circulation to the spinal area, nourishing the spinal nerves; train the muscles and tendons of the back, release pain at the waist and pelvic area; improve digestive and respiratory issues, strengthen kidney and prostate functions; instill abundant stamina and resume clarity of the mind. On the emotional level, it helps to cultivate humbleness and forgiveness, and remove negative energies from the egoistic self

Step 8: Eight: Ocean of Wisdom
Connect with the tree of life, connect with your ancestors, and be as one with pure kindness