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"When you are all-inclusive, your experience of your existence becomes beautiful, and that is why you are joyful."

- Sadhguru -

Developed in the late 1980s by California psychotherapist, Seena B. Frost (1932 – 2016), SoulCollage® is a self-help tool to look within your “Self”, to listen to what your heart and inner voices are telling you and discovering more about yourself on a deeper level.


Using imagination and intuition, you will collage different images that call out to you and create your personal deck of wisdom cards representing the varied and unique aspects of your inner world. Through consulting your cards, you ask and answer questions about yourself or your life.


This practice reflects one’s personal journey and promotes personal growth, self-expression and self-acceptance.


  1. What is SoulCollage®?

  2. Explore the four suits of SoulCollage cards:

    • The Committee Suit (inner parts of your personality, your inner voice)

    • The Community Suit (external sentient beings or specific places or things whose energy is powerful and meaningful in your life)

    • The Companion Suit (animal guides residing in the seven energy centers of your body (chakras)

    • The Council Suit (the different archetypes who are actively guiding your life, universal patterns of Energy in our psyche, from the collective unconscious)

   3. Create your own personal deck of SoulCollage Cards

   4. Learn how to dialogue with your cards using the “I am

       One Who….” process

   5. Methods such as journaling to record the voices of

       your cards

   6. Learn how to do a consultation with your cards


Note: Participants to bring basic stationeries, scissors, glue stick and 3 – 5 photos of someone or a pet/animal who hold a special place in your life.



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Soulcollage Experience Sessions:

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Soulcollage 1-Day Workshop:

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心灵拼贴® 一日工作坊:


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I 💗 Me Singing Bowl Sound Bath & Art Journey

Being able to love and accept yourself is the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and others. Join us in this inward self-care journey through the deeply relaxing sound bath using the healing sound vibrations of the Himalayan singing bowls to release, relax and be recharged. Giving permission to yourself to connect deeper to the innate love that resides within you and restore back the harmony of the body leaving you feeling at peace, refreshed and rejuvenated.

You will find that your experiences will change each time you attend a session as you immerse yourself in the relaxing harmonic sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls.


💗 What to expect:

  • Lie down (you may also sit down comfortably) and allow yourself to immerse in the relaxing harmonic sounds and vibrations of the Himalayan singing bowls, allowing yourself the time and space to connect with your inner self.

  • Followed by experiential art and/or journaling practice and sharing


Sound bath

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Monthly session.

Facilitated by Lindsay Lim (Himalayan Singapore Bowl Sound Therapist, Reiki Tummo® Practitioner)

Currently not available





Vegetable Basket

Grow Your Own Food Workshop

Self-sustain with your own nutritious vegetable garden at home! Learn knowledge and techniques and bring home a kit to start right away!

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声音最能真实体现身体与情绪的能量状态。揪心的痛无法用 “声” 来表达,就用 “音” 来调理吧!