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Centre of Joy



Pre-Open House Trial Classes 

Save up to 45%

Zentangle classes

Bach Flower Talk

Yoga of Joy
Sound Bath

Please note that all schedules below are subject to change

Zentangle Art Courses

Personalize Your Name Card with Embedded Letters - Zentangle Experience

5 Jun (Wed) | 1200 - 1400 | $7 per card (UP $10) | Wai Fong

Be unique and creative, embed your name or initials with tangles, your name card will stand out among the rest. 

Come anytime between 12 - 2 pm on 5 June and draw with us. Each card takes about 30 minutes to complete. Materials will be provided for use on site, you may bring home your completed artwork.

Zentangle For Everyone

16 Jun (Sun) | 1030 - 1230 | $28 (UP $48) | Samantha Lee

Do something different on Father's Day! Join this Zentangle Trial class to unleash your creativity and hidden talent.  

If you think you can't draw, this class is for you, come and be amazed with yourself! It is suitable for all ages and you do not need to have any art skill! *
Anything is possible, one stroke at a time*

Come with a father and enjoy an additional 5% off course fee for both of you.


Materials will be provided for use on site, you may bring home your completed artwork.

Have Fun with Fragments & Reticula

18 Jun (Tue) | 1930 - 2100 | $28 (UP$40) | Wai Fong

It's play time! Using a simple tangle and playing around with it, turning it topsy turvy, or laying them side by side, see it from different angles, you will realize that a simple image can have many perspectives, and be amazed by the different meta-patterns that they are capable of producing. Come, learn something while having great fun.

Materials will be provided for use on site, you may bring home your completed artwork.

Parent-Child Fun Tangling -1 parent + 1 child (7 – 12 yrs old)

22 Jun (Sat) | 1300 - 1530 | $65 (UP$80) + $10 material fees | Lindsay Lim

Spend a relaxing and no screens Saturday afternoon bonding with your child using Zentangle Art!


The Zentangle method is an easy-to learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful art work by drawing repetitive patterns. It promotes mindfulness and increases focus, concentration and creativity.


Join us to find out how this simple art form can be incorporated into your daily routines and learn to relax while creating beautiful art work and have fun tangling with your child. There is an artist within all of us!


All are welcome, no artistic background or skill is required. Materials will be provided for use on site, you may bring home your completed artwork.

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任选 6月 5 日(星期三) | $15(原价 $20)| 喜乐瑜伽教师







6月10日(星期一)| 1930 - 2130 | $15(原价 $20)| 喜乐瑜伽教师





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Wellness Courses

SoulCollage® Experience Workshop

23 Jun (Sun) | 1400 - 1600 | $38 (UP $50) | Lindsay Lim

Developed in the late 1980s by California psychotherapist, Seena B. Frost (1932 – 2016), SoulCollage® is a self-help tool to look within your “Self”, to listen to what your heart and inner voices are telling you and discovering more about yourself on a deeper level.


Using imagination and intuition, you will collage different images that call out to you and create your personal deck of wisdom cards representing the varied and unique aspects of your inner world. Through consulting your cards, you ask and answer questions about yourself or your life.

This practice reflects one’s personal journey and promotes personal growth, self-expression and self-acceptance.


Note: Participants to bring scissors and glue stick

心灵拼贴®体验工作坊 :手作个人图卡

6月15日(星期六) | 1000 - 1200 | $38(原价 $50) | 华莉

风行全球48个国家的 SoulCollage®(心灵拼贴®)源自美国心理医师席娜‧弗斯特 (Seena B. Frost; 1932-2016) 所创立的一套剪贴图卡及读卡流程。




Therapeutic Sound Bath for Self-Love and Relaxation

17 Jun (Mon) | 1930 - 2030 | $20 (UP $30) | Lindsay Lim

Being able to love and accept yourself is the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and others. Join us in this inward self-care journey through deeply relaxing Sound Bath using healing sound vibrations of singing bowls to relax, restore and recharge. Helping yourself connect deeper to the innate love that resides within you and restore the harmony of the body leaving you feeling at peace, refreshed and rejuvenated.

You will find that your experiences will change each time you attend a session as you immerse yourself in the relaxing harmonic sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls. 

For the session:

  1. Wear what makes you feel most comfortable and free

  2. Bring a curious mind and an open heart

  3. Yoga Mat / Towel (Optional)

(Yoga mats and floor chairs will be provided)

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