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CHIANG Wai Fong 郑惠芳

Ph.D., Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, Bach Foundation Teachers Programme Tutor, Certified Zentangle Teacher, Yoga of Joy Teacher, Pastel Shine Art Master Instructor

Dr Chiang Wai Fong is the Founder of Centre of Joy. A linguistic anthropologist by training, Wai Fong respects and treasures each individual’s unique life experiences, and privilege these while sharing her varied expertise in positive identity building, emotional management and stress reduction techniques with individuals who cross her path. A mother of a teenage girl, her mellow yet firm personality with keen listening ears are the reasons her clients find comfort in confiding in her.

Having recovered from panic attacks and an autoimmune disease using different natural healing modalities, Wai Fong now applies her experiences and expertise, including Zentangle® art, Bach flower remedies, Yoga practice, and energy balancing to facilitate clients’ self-discovery and inner-communication, an essential step to true healing. And so, if you know someone who is under stress, have issues sleeping, eating, smiling, or even loving, there is a way out, contact us if you are ready to deal with it. :)

Wai Fong offers regular courses to the public, as well as holds privately arranged courses/talks for corporate, organisations/associations, and social gatherings. Contact her to discuss details.





Agnes KHEW 丘慧珍

Yoga of Joy Teacher, Certified Zentangle Teacher

Drawn to spiritual truths since young, Agnes was awed by the simplicity of Zentangle, the therapeutic effect of Pastel Shine Art and the flexibility of Yoga of Joy when she was first being introduced to. 

She feels that all these disciplines that she has learnt can be a way of expressing one’s inner emotions and feelings. It helps her to simply be instead of chasing for constant perfection.
Teaching Yoga of Joy, Zentangle and Pastel Shines Art is very fulfilling and it supports others to get in touch with their innate potential and creative spirit too.

Agnes aspires to inspire others to enjoy the goodness of simplicity and express their creativity self by connecting with their bodies, mind and souls. It has been a beautiful journey since 2015.



自 2015 年以来,慧珍一直激励他人享受这富有创意的单纯方法,通过身心灵的连接,找到自己的潜能与创意本能。

Samantha LEE 李慧深

Certified Zentangle® Teacher, JPHAA Pastel Nagomi Art Instructor

Samantha started to learn about Zentangle® and Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art as a hobby in 2015.  She immediately fell in love with the method and discovered that she actually can be artistic too.  The art pieces are somehow amazing to see and at the same time bringing joy into one’s heart as well as to the people who admire them.


She believes that everyone has talent that he/she has yet to discover.  She would like to to spread the love and joy to everyone through Zentangle® and Pastel Nagomi Art.

慧深是名禅绕画®认证导师,同时也是名日式和谐粉彩导师。自从她认识和了解禅绕及和谐粉彩艺术后便深深爱上了这两门艺术治疗法。她同时发现自己也可以成为艺术家,从而认识了一个 “新“ 的自己。



Lindsay LIM 林

Certified Zentangle® Teacher, SoulCollage® Facilitator, Singing Bowl Therapist

Lindsay had been serving in the social service sector for 12 years improving lives of children and their families before embarking on this self-help wellness journey as a Certified Zentangle® Teacher, SoulCollage® Facilitator and a Sound Therapist with Singing Bowls. She is also a volunteer para-counsellor for seniors and a Reiki Tummo™ Practitioner.

She strongly believes that every individual has the potential for his/her own growth, well-being and healing, and is passionate to help one discovers it through Zentangle®, SoulCollage® and Sound Therapy to better connects with one’s inner self, find balance and support for oneself, thus leading a more joyful and fulfilling life for the good benefit of self and others.


華莉是名禅绕画®认证导师, SoulCollage®(心灵拼贴®)指导员和颂钵音疗师。她曾在社会服务领域为孩童与他们的家庭服务了12年,目前她也是名为长者服务的辅导义工。



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