"And may we ever have joy and gratitude in our hearts that the Great Creator of all things, in His Love for us, has placed the herbs in the fields for His healing."

Dr. Edward Bach

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Bach Flower Level 1 Certification Course conducted by Dr Chiang allowed us to understand and know the application of the remedies in our daily life. It is safe to use on human, animal and even plants!
Dr Chiang has great experience in using Bach Flower Remedies and she teaches us well. The course is fun and eye opening for me. I hope more people get to know Bach flower remedies

~ Iris Tan


女儿为了应付功课和考试,显得很不安,没信心能应付这么繁重的试前准备……在手足无措下,女儿愿意尝试使用花精,在服用 Elm, Impatiens 和 Mimulus 后,她整个人安定下来,按部就班地把功课和试前准备一一完成。

​~ Season Chan

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What is the

Bach Flower Remedy System?

"The mind being the most sensitive part of the body, shows the onset and the course of disease much more definitely than the body, so that the outlook of mind is chosen as the guide as to which remedy or remedies are necessary."

~ Dr Edward Bach


The Bach Flower Remedy System was developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920s-30s. He was a renowned medical doctor and a bacteriologist from Britain. Dr Bach believed that nature provides us a simple and pure way of healing our body. When we return to our natural balanced state of mind, the body does not have to battle negative energies, and will then have the best chance to heal itself.


In the last 20 years of his life, Dr Bach discovered 38 remedies that, when in use singly or in combination, balance the negative emotions that cause harms to the body. These emotions are the same emotions prevalent in modern living, such as fear, anger, uncertainty, lack of confidence, loneliness, etc.


What are the characteristics and benefits of using Bach flower remedies?

  • The remedies are powerful yet gentle healing flower energies with no known side effects or reliance

  • The remedies promote self-healing in users ~ Taking the remedies complements other treatments, and may help to reduce medication reliance

  • The remedies work on balancing both long-term and current emotional states, preventing build-up of imbalances, and hence, helping to reduce the risk of contracting potential physical or mental illnesses

  • Brings users closer to the root of their discomfort and reduces the fear of the illnesses

What are the Bach flower remedies good for?

Doctors, hospitals and key opinion leaders (including sports and entertainment celebrities) all over the world use Bach flower remedies to manage or aid in recovery procedures.


Some examples of emotional discomfort that can be managed with Bach Flower remedies are: fear, anxiety disorder, bipolar, childhood trauma, dementia, depression, epilepsy, fatigue, insomnia, panic attack, relationship issues, thyroid diseases, eating disorder, self-esteem issues, failures in life experiences, etc.

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This interview was conducted on 16 April 8 pm in Singapore. Dr Chiang Wai Fong (PhD, BFRP) was interviewed by nutrition therapist, Katherine Khoo (Aman Wellness).


The interview introduces the Bach flower remedy system, explains the differences between flower remedies and essential oils, the effectiveness of flower remedies on emotion management, as well as the importance of balancing one's emotions to build a strong immune system.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  How is Bach Flower remedies prepared?

There are two ways of making the remedies: sun method and boiling method: sun method and boiling method. The sun method is used for preparing more delicate flowers, whereby the flower heads are added to pure water and placed under direct sunlight for three hours. The boiling method is used to prepare the woodier plants, and plants that bloom when the sun is weak. This method involves boiling the flowering parts of the plant for half hour in pure water. In both of these methods, the flower energy are transferred to the water by heat. The energized water is then mixed with an equal amount of brandy to form the mother tincture. Two drops of the mother tincture is added to a 30 ml bottle filled with brandy, and this is the stock bottle. Stock bottles of the 38 remedies are available for sale. [please see question 5 below for alcohol free option]



2.  Are there any side effects taking the remedy?

Bach flower remedies are natural and gentle, there is no side effects or risk of addiction. Some may experience detox or healing reactions, keep taking the remedies and your body will balance itself and the symptoms should go away gradually. Under circumstances where the symptoms persist or worsen, or if you have queries, please contact your Bach Flower Practitioner.


Taking the remedy may also heighten one’s awareness, so that one is now more conscious of one’s emotions. Some may feel their hidden emotions beginning to surface. The Bach Flower Remedy system uses the "onion peel" concept, treating the outermost layer of emotion first, and  balancing subsequent layers of emotions as they surface, one step at a time. If you feel uncomfortable about the new emotion that surface, please contact your Bach Flower Practitioner.



3.  How shall I take the remedy? Can I take it with other medications?

Take four drops from the treatment bottle at least four times a day. You may take the four drops directly on your tongue, or mix them in any beverages and sip it. Please keep the bottle in the fridge. If you would like to carry the bottle around, then add a teaspoon of brandy, cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin to preserve the water. 


Bach Flower remedy is not medication, it is water stored with the positive energies of flowers and plants. It will not interfere with any medication. There is no dietary restriction when taking the remedy, and it is fine taking it before or after food.



4.  Can children and pregnant women take flower remedies?

Bach Flower remedies are natural and gentle, anyone can safely take the remedies, including children, pregnant women and elder persons. Animals can use Bach flower remedies too, even plants can benefit from the healing and balancing power of the remedies.

5.  Is there alcohol in the remedies?

Alcohol is used in the mother tincture as preservative. Only two drops of the mother tincture is used to make a 30 ml stock bottle. For the alcohol free remedies, vegetable glycerin is used instead of alcohol to make the stock bottles. In a customized remedy blend bottle, two drops of remedy from the stock bottle is used. The alcohol content is minute.


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Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Teacher

Wai Fong is a linguistic anthropologist. She is passionate about facilitating communications between individuals, as well as with one’s inner self. Wai Fong practices several therapeutic modalities for stress management and positive identity building.

Wai Fong was introduced to the Bach Flower remedies in 2005 by a TCM physician. She has first hand experiences using the remedies for more than 10 years. She has great confidence in the effectiveness of the remedy system, as well as agree with the simple and pure approach of Dr Bach towards illnesses and healing modality.

Wai Fong became trained as a practitioner and started practising in 2016. In 2017, she completed Level 1 Teacher’s Training course and is a Bach Centre Level 1 Certification Course Teacher.

Dr Chiang Wai Fong (PhD)